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Photo of Claudia in My Story


My story began baking with my Mum, making cakes for my family. 

I used to love our traditional German

“Kaffee und Kuchen” in the afternoons, and the amazing variety of cakes and colours deepened my desire to bake.


I always loved arts and crafts and using this creativity in baking was a perfect fit and gave me the opportunity to mix precision and imagination to create delightful cakes.

I started a career in hospitality and followed my dream of learning English and moved to England in 2005. My experiences working Front of House in Michelin starred and other high-end restaurants gave me the opportunity to learn about desserts, cakes and patisserie.  

A few years ago, I began baking and decorating celebration cakes for friends and quickly honed new skills and techniques to bring my designs to life. I found I really enjoyed the whole process of planning and designing, to icing, decorating and completing the cake for someone’s special day.


In time with a lot of encouragement from my patient husband

and wonderful family and friends

“Cake Stories by Claudia”

was created.

Why the name, “Cake Stories”?

I believe every cake has a story and I am truly humbled to be able to tell someone’s special story through my cakes.


Thanks for reading,


Claudia xxx

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